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Manufacturing makes the world go round. One of the driving forces of the world economy, manufacturing is a highly complex, ever-changing industry. From the Mom-and-Pop maker of gift soaps to the multinational government contractor, each manufacturing operation is unique, with its own risks and exposures.

There are already many risks inherent in the manufacturing business. Your insurance broker should not be one of them. At Sennott Insurance, we have years of experience developing insurance programs for a wide variety of manufacturing operations. It all begins with our signature Risk Identification Process, ensuring sound loss control and appropriate coverage selection.

As your insurance broker, it's our job to understand you and your specific needs. But that's not all. We must also make the insurance company understand you and get them on your side, no matter what your company's exposure to loss. Over the years, we've helped many manufacturing companies acquire excellent and customized coverage, thanks to our solid reputation with insurance carriers and our staff's intimate understanding of the manufacturing business.

At Sennott Insurance, we address the specific risks associated with manufacturing, including:

  • Product Recall coverage for Class I, II and III type recalls, market rehabilitation and loss of income due to recalls
  • Contingent business income coverage and exposure and exposures generated by outside manufacturing and storage facilities
  • Contractual liability issues for both property and product recall coverage's
  • Private label specification errors and product recall considerations
  • Worldwide product recall and product liability coverage's
  • Enhanced business income forms for dependent and recipient properties
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